Friday, April 3, 2009

Back From New York

For those following, you're obviously aware that we [the joint-community of choirs at Penn State Behrend] took a trip to New York City...

and WOW! it was the most fun some of us had ever enjoyed! Not only did we get to enjoy almost two solid days on our own in the Big Apple, but we met up with the Young People's Chorus of Erie as well. Their group consisted of most of the high school and middle school choruses and the meet-up was short. However, it marked the first time any of the college kids met up with members of YPC Erie (and vice versa) since the Northwest Songfest back in November.

Not long after converging with the YPC, the two choirs departed - wishing each other a farewell and to have an excellent night's rest. For the Young People's Chorus, the next day was filled with non-stop choral rehearsal action. As for us college students, we had to be awake by 6:45 a.m. in order to make it to the screening of the "Early Show" on CBS. Screaming and cheering filled the studio audio boards. Just as quickly as we arrived, the college choir was in small groups again, visiting what they could of NYC before meeting at Beacon High School at 2 for the night's big performance. (I, myself, went to the Museum of Natural History with a few friends to see the fossil exhibit).

That evening was spectacular. As verbose as I claim to be, I honestly wish I could describe what transpired. To each his own, and every choir came together [some 400 bodies] to produce a sound that filled the Church of St. Paul the Apostle with such beautiful sound that many had tears rolling down their cheeks. Even many of the college students left that church inspired by what they had seen the YPCs of Erie and New York pull off. (Even one song we've been rehearsing for months [we felt] had been trumped by the years of finesse that YPC NY had invested).

No one left empty handed, however. Whether it be a souvenier of material or metaphorical substance, every one grew from the experience. The only regret is that we couldn't stay longer to learn from one another for more than one night.

(pictures to come soon!)