Thursday, November 18, 2010

Claire's Post

Clare Edwards

What Music Means to Me and how it has Influenced Me

My musical education began when I was just a child. My parents would take me to church and, when I was old enough to start understanding what was actually happening around me, my mother would help me sing the songs during mass. As I grew older, I gained more confidence and was able to sing a little louder. However, only when I learned the meaning behind the songs was able to fully appreciate and be moved by what I was singing. This story is just one example of why I believe that music is not only words to a rhythm, but a way of understanding and being. Anyone can speak a sentence with no emotion. It’s up to the singer, or in this case the choirs, to look at the complexity of the words, discover it’s meaning, and relate the meaning to an audience. I feel that music has helped me to understand the world better. If there is any problem I encounter, there is probably a song out there written by someone who was going through the same thing. So, what does music mean to me? It means breaching boundaries and discovering that you’re never alone

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

how music inspires Amanda Neville

Music has always been a huge part of my life. I started singing when I was about 3 years old. When I sang “Rock-a-bye Baby” or “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” to my baby doll, my dad would correct me if I sang a note wrong. He would make me sing it over and over until I sang it correctly. That little habit evolved into an extreme love for music and singing. I started taking group singing lessons, and then I switched to private lessons. I also got into musical theatre and acting. I absolutely fell in love with the arts. In high school I participated in my concert choir and the select women’s choir at the school. My junior year I was the secretary of my choir and my senior year I was the president. Being part of the officers of my choir was an amazing experience. I loved being a part of planning events for the choir. Music has just changed my life. It is my escape from stress. When I sing, I forget about all of my troubles and just feel free. I could not survive without singing and I will be singing for the rest of my life.

Christy's Thoughts

Christy Reeves Blog

The YPC Honor Chorus Festival this coming Saturday, November 13th, will be a great opportunity to interact with the children of The Young People’s Chorus of Erie in a rehearsal and performance setting. Most of the college choir students don’t have a chance to meet these kids, so the fact that we get to spend a day singing and socializing with them is wonderful. Some of these children are talented on a level that far exceeds their age group, which can range from early elementary all the way to high school. As a student that has attended this event in the past, I was very impressed with the dedication and drive I saw in these kids, even at early ages. Performing in concert with them was a learning experience, to say the least. They learn music at an astounding rate, devouring anything thrown at them. I look forward to seeing new members of YPC this weekend and learning from them again this year.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Inspiration From Phil

Since I was nine months old, music has had an influence in my life and has helped me over the years to not only become a vocalist but a pianist/organist as well. My dad told me that he used to sit with at the piano he inherited from his aunt. At first I used to just pound on the piano making no music at all, but over time I began to listen and started to put groups of notes together. When I got a little bit bigger, my parents started to choir practices. I usually just sat there with my ninja turtes, but soon I found my way to the organ where my dad was playing; he got his b.a. in music from the University of Michigan. My parent told me that I'd have to take piano lessons first before I could learn organ. For 10 years I took lessons and once I got to middle school, I was given a scholarship from my church that allowed me to take voice lessons til I graduated high school. I participated in choir/ ensemble since 6th grade and made it an importance to try and continue my learning throughout college. Music has always been a part of who I am and it has led me to all regions of the USA in multiple ways; through concerts to national united choir workshops.

Section Leader Tim

Hey there bloggers!
I’m Tim Kaminske, bass section representative of the semester, and I can’t be more excited about this year’s choir.
As a sophomore, I’ve seen and heard the good and bad of several ensembles I’ve been a part of, and this semester’s group is easily one of the best. Not only have our numbers increased, but the talent has as well. What this means is that we are capable of singing much more difficult pieces in an even greater magnitude. As well as the concert choir being strengthened, so has the chambers singers. Because Dr. Bishop chose to select all of the members personally this year and cater the schedule around their needs, the chamber choir is made up of a dedicated group of students who all have the same goals in mind.
Last week, both of our choirs had a chance to perform at Harrisburg in an all Penn State concert. While not necessarily a competition, many of us had a good time comparing all of the choirs in attendance and seeing how we ranked. In my personal opinion, we are easily in the ranks of University Park musically, which says a lot about the type of program that is run here. It feels great to be part of such a group that can come together from all different majors and places, and create such beautiful music.
Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that if you haven’t heard this year’s choir yet, you are in for a treat come concert time. It’s a promise.