Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Inspiration From Phil

Since I was nine months old, music has had an influence in my life and has helped me over the years to not only become a vocalist but a pianist/organist as well. My dad told me that he used to sit with at the piano he inherited from his aunt. At first I used to just pound on the piano making no music at all, but over time I began to listen and started to put groups of notes together. When I got a little bit bigger, my parents started to choir practices. I usually just sat there with my ninja turtes, but soon I found my way to the organ where my dad was playing; he got his b.a. in music from the University of Michigan. My parent told me that I'd have to take piano lessons first before I could learn organ. For 10 years I took lessons and once I got to middle school, I was given a scholarship from my church that allowed me to take voice lessons til I graduated high school. I participated in choir/ ensemble since 6th grade and made it an importance to try and continue my learning throughout college. Music has always been a part of who I am and it has led me to all regions of the USA in multiple ways; through concerts to national united choir workshops.

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