Thursday, November 18, 2010

Claire's Post

Clare Edwards

What Music Means to Me and how it has Influenced Me

My musical education began when I was just a child. My parents would take me to church and, when I was old enough to start understanding what was actually happening around me, my mother would help me sing the songs during mass. As I grew older, I gained more confidence and was able to sing a little louder. However, only when I learned the meaning behind the songs was able to fully appreciate and be moved by what I was singing. This story is just one example of why I believe that music is not only words to a rhythm, but a way of understanding and being. Anyone can speak a sentence with no emotion. It’s up to the singer, or in this case the choirs, to look at the complexity of the words, discover it’s meaning, and relate the meaning to an audience. I feel that music has helped me to understand the world better. If there is any problem I encounter, there is probably a song out there written by someone who was going through the same thing. So, what does music mean to me? It means breaching boundaries and discovering that you’re never alone

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